The best day ever...

Sunday night. Well, the weekend's nearly over and Mom and I have had such a great time. You know, from a really low point while I was going through my divorce (which was a low point in my life just in general), my relationship with my mom has really changed and grown. She's like this person who knows me really well and understands what's gone before without my having to tell her. Yes, she can drive me absolutely batty sometimes, but she can also make me want to put my head in her lap and have her hold me and tell me that everything's going to be OK.

Yesterday, we went shopping (for clothes for Mom) then met my friend R and her 18 month old daughter for lunch at the mall food court. Unfortunately, we didn't have sunscreen on and both ended up with on my shoulders and Mom on her forearms. After that, we went down to the bay and walked. I did my usual 45 minute power walk and Mom walked at her own pace. It was very nice. Today we went to the 9:45am service at church and then to Starbucks for my latte fix. Mmmm. In the afternoon, we went down to Coronado for a walk along the Silver Strand. It has just been a gorgeous weekend, the sort that the ConVis people salivate over!

Out of the blue, I heard from my first Navy penpal, T, today. T is a chaplain on board a ship that is coming home from the Gulf and was the first response that I had to my message of support to the troops. I sent he and his shipmates, 400 of them, nearly 600 bags of microwave popcorn (at his request) that my team at work and I had raised money for, but I hadn't heard from him in several weeks, so I just figured he wasn't interested in corresponding any more now that he was on his way home. I forwarded him a link to a really neat PowerPoint presentation that was forwarded to me about the troops and their bravery and, lo and behold!, I heard from him. Apparently, the ship is just thrilled to bits with their popcorn and he is very grateful for my sending it.

Heard from S today, too. Busy day in Denise's email, honestly. Anyway, he's doing great but couldn't see the link to the PowerPoint because he doesn't have web access. Actually, it's such a cool thing that I'm going to post it here.

I'm really nervous about my appointment on Tuesday but, as Mom says, I'm going to try not to worry until (or if) I hear the actual bad news. No need to freak and stress when I don't know what's going on, you know? Of course, that's easier said than done. It will probably be the end of the week before I know the results of all of the tests. I can do this, I know I can! I don't have a choice because living in fear of something that I don't even know yet is not really living anyway.


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