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How to make Working From Home work

We received an email from our General Manager late in the afternoon on March 12, but I’d known it was coming for about a week: we would be working from home beginning immediately and extending through at least April 6. We were told that we had a few days to wrap up work on campus, pack up whatever we needed for a few weeks, then leave. I remember thinking to myself that I should plan for being away for six weeks “just in case”. It will be 19 weeks tomorrow since I left campus with my monitor (thank goodness my manager convinced me to take it!), my keyboard and mouse, my computer glasses, and a few small items (pen, paper, stickie notes) that I jammed in my work backpack; I was so unprepared and ill-equipped to work from home for a year or more. I was used to a sit/stand desk and serious ergonomic chair at work. At home, I had a fixed desk with a cheap office chair from Ikea Note that I’m much luckier than some of my colleagues who don’t even have a dedicated desk space and are working

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