I think my blog is having a mid life crisis!

Tuesday afternoon. First, I am truly appalled at myself for my complete lack of attention to my beloved blog for over a week now. Crimson shame stains my cheeks. I could tell you that I was sick Wednesday through Saturday night, which would be completely true, but that it simply no excuse for not even poking my head in and saying, at the very least, "hello all, I'm sick and won't be posting today". I'm overcome with contrition now and promise never to desert my blog for so long again.

Having confessed and absolved myself of my sin, I now am left to contemplate the sad fact that my blog is really, truly boring. I have done quite a bit of thinking about it (having had all of those days feeling ill with nothing but daytime TV to entertain me) and I think that my original purpose for blogging is no longer valid or helpful. Basically, I was hoping that by pouring all of my deepest thoughts out I would be able to work through some of the issues that were tormenting me. Well, I definitely feel that I did/have done that and I also think I've moved beyond that now. I feel myself reconnecting with life and with the outside world again, or at least taking the little baby steps towards doing so, and I think that my blog needs to reflect that. I am contemplating going back through and editing past posts to make them less angst ridden, while simultaneously slimming them down for enhanced readability. I believe that I will do just that!!!

Back later.


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