Monday night. Have you ever felt as though you needed to take a very clear mental picture of a day because everything was so good, so wonderful, that you knew it couldn't possibly last? That's how I feel about today.

Had another great day with Mom, then put her on train for home. I am sorry to see her go and I know that she'll be back down soon. It's not as though we did a lot today, and that was just what I needed. I feel so very connected to her and am relieved to know that I've confessed my fears about my appointment to someone, especially someone who is the person I've known the longest and best in my life. Big time thank you, God, for giving me the mother I have and the wisdom to appreciate her for the unique and wonderful person she is.

Out of the blue (which is fast becoming his trademark), K pops up in Yahoo while I'm reading and posting to my eDiets board. Turns out that he replied to my message back on Friday, or claims that he did. I think that I have to believe him because I know that I keep thinking the worst of that whole situation, which might not be fair. In any case, I asked him about the question I'd posed in regards to his concern about his brother finding out about us chatting and he said that he was only concerned about the occasional topic of our conversations, not the conversations themselves. Again, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. I just don't feel dishonesty coming from him, but then, I suppose that's the point, isn't it?

S is getting ready for his first "crossing the equator" ceremony. It's a hazing thing done on board ships for newbies who are on their first cruise. Details are clouded (probably for the best, really) but involve humiliation in the name of male bonding. If this was a female bonding thing, it would involve chocolate, chick flicks, shopping, unapologetic pampering, and, possibly, champagne, but men just never seem to lose the desire to embarrass the heck out of their buddies. Why is that? I am missing that Y chromosome so I'm sure I will never fully understand, but any male that can post a suitable explanation gets extra brownie points from me.

Alright, I'm off to get ready for bed. I'll be back with another fascinating post tomorrow.


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