Saturday morning. I would first like to point out that I had a really cool post put together on Thursday night only to click onto my Hotmail and lose the entire thing. Hmmmm. Frustrating!

So, cleaningfest last night went well. I've basically just got to make Mom's bed and it's all good. I didn't manage to get MY room vacuumed, but then I so seldom ever make it all the way through my room before guests come. Other than the vacuuming, though, my room is looking pretty darned good. The entire house looks halfway decent for a change. What I ought to do is, once Mom's gone, start the more intensive stuff that I never get around to because the superficial stuff (vacuuming, picking up) isn't done. I could, potentially, tackle my messy house demons for good and put myself on the flylady schedule for maintenance. Will I do that? Remains to be seen!

No message from S this morning. I know that I told him that it wasn't important whether or not he kept emailing, but I really do love seeing his messages in my box. He is a man of few words (at least, via email), but what he says is always so sweet and it's nice to know that, no matter what I've screwed up on here at home, there's someone out there who still cares.

Mom arrives this morning around 9:30am at the train station in Solana Beach. R is going to Sea World to register her annual pass and would like to get together with us for lunch. I hope that happens because I haven't seen R since the climax of The Biggest Mistake of My Life, which has been over 6 months now. (I wonder when that will stop being the first thing I think about when judging whether or not I should go out with someone? ) If we do go out, I'd love to go to PickUpStix or Rubio's or Pasta Bravo. After having been perfectly on plan for 16 days now, with only the one Healthy Burrito last weekend after my race, I am really ready to get some different food. Still healthy, mind you, because I'm not undoing all of my good work!

Haven't heard from K at all since I sent him a rather directly worded email questioning why he was concerned about his brother seeing us chatting. I basically said that if our chatting was something that he had to hide and be ashamed of or embarrassed by that our friendship probably needed to change. I don't know how he's going to take that, but I know that I'm pretty proud of myself for having said it. It's entirely possible that, by saying what I did, I won't hear from him again or that our friendship will be permanently damaged, but, you know what? I'd rather not speak with him at all that have things continue as they are, with K flirting like mad and making me feel special only to know, deep in my heart, that he's never going to be with me (for whatever reasons). I personally think this is serious progress and I'm sure Dr. Karen would agree, were I to tell her of this whole little situation, which isn't going to happen.

Not sure if I'll post until Monday night, just because the computer is in what will be Mom's room and she goes to bed so darned early that I probably won't get a chance to sneak in before she goes to sleep. That will just make Monday night's post all the more voluptuous, won't it?


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