Tuesday night. Eventful day in many ways.

Started my 10 week walk to jog program today. This week's program consists of 30 seconds of jogging folllowed by 4 minutes, 30 seconds of brisk walking, repeated 9 times. After being sick last week, I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to do it, so I was quite pleased with myself when I did. I think that, as a way of keeping myself honest and keeping track of how many sessions I've done each week, I'm going to make an entry in here every time I do a weight session or cardio. Not only will it help with my training, it will help ensure that I post on a more regular basis.

I've seriously started to put a dent into the list of things I've procrastinated on long enough. Today the screen man came out, plus I put a call in to the management company to get someone out to look at the balcony for termite damage and repainting. I need to follow up (again) tomorrow with the folding door company that I called last weekend and also with the termite inspection company that the management company has contracted with to do the inspection and eventual repairs. Additionally, I need to call the doctor's office (again) and ask for the results of my blood work. I've been so reticent to go because of my fear of being ill and now to be so close to ending the suspense (either for better or worse), I'm just not feeling terribly patient. The receptionist today did say that she'd pop them in the mail to me, though, so perhaps she just did that and didn't bother calling me back to say so. Like I said to my mom tonight, if I had anything dread and horrible, I'm sure they'd have called me (fingers crossed, fervently hoping and praying), right?

Today's exercise: 4-1/2 minutes jogging interspersed in 30 second intervals with 41-1/2 minutes of brisk walking. No weights or toning.
Weeks to 2004 LA Marathon: 44

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