Going, going, gone...

The heading of today's post is a homage to the day I had yesterday. My gosh, I was behind from the time I woke up and then the steady stream of meetings just further exacerbated things. After getting to the office at 8am, I literally ran out the door at 6pm for my hair appointment, only to find massive traffic (more than usual) on the way. Took a little bit of time for me to pass by the cause of the conjestion: two Sheriff's Department buses, one connected to the bumper of the other because they'd collided. There were various Sheriff's Department personnel standing around the buses, a tow truck (not large enough to be of any help), a Sheriff's Department cruiser unit, and an ambulance all clustered around the scene and that's just not something you see every day. Not even in San Diego! Anyway, got to the salon (early...a first for the day!), had a great hair experience (thanks to N, the best stylist in the whole world -- yes, I'm sucking up), and was out and about again at 8pm. Loooooooong day. Then, got home, listened to answering machine only to find that the nurse practitioner has called and left me two messages about my test results. PANIC!!! Of course, it's too late to call the office, too late, even, to call my mom and freak out on the phone, so I did what any 30something girl making a valiant attempt at retaining her sanity after a day like that would do...I started to cry. Not little, quiet tears, but huge great gulping panting sobs. Did that for a little while and felt immensely better. Sleepy, too.

Happy to say that this morning seems to be going a little better than yesterday did. I managed to get in touch with the doctor's office and, while the nurse practitioner wasn't available, I asked the receptionist if there was anything really horrible in my results (which was my fear) to prompt two calls and she said that there wasn't and that she'd pass my message along. Of course, I STILL haven't heard anything and it's 4-1/2 hours later. Frustrating. I'm going to call them now, as a matter of fact.

Today's exercise: 37.5 minutes (compromise between 45 I was supposed to do and 30 that I wanted to do) walking/jogging PLUS an hour of weights and stretching with my trainer
Weeks to 2004 LA Marathon: 44


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