Waiting to exhale

Sunday morning (barely). Yesterday was one of the laziest days in my life, and that is saying something! It rained, I was tired mentally, physically, and emotionally, so I vegged out. All day. And, she says defiantly, I'm not ashamed, either. Didn't get in any exercise, though, which is sub optimal. Ah, well...such is life.

Update to Friday's angst over my blood tests: got in touch with the nurse practitioner (finally) and found that not only are all of the results normal, but they are really very good for a diabetic such as myself. I should explain that I control my diabetes with diet and exercise (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) and take no medication at all. One of the biggest fears that I had was that my past lackadaisical control had damaged one of my internal organs, and that, apparently, is not true. The nurse practitioner said that, had I not told her I was diabetic, she'd never have known it from the results. Now I just need the results of my Pap (which should be in on Tuesday), and I can let the breath I've been holding in since my doctor's appointment out. As it is, I truly feel blessed, humbled, and somewhat unworthy of the second chance I've been given, based on the results of the blood work, and am determined to make more of my life for the second half (or so).

My trip for work to Albany, NY and Raleigh, NC got approved on Friday (YaY!), and I'm adding on 2 days in NYC on my own dime just because I don't want to be that close and not cross another thing off of my "10 Things to Do Before I Die" list. (Don't worry, T, I'm figuring out another one to add to replace it because, as we all know, you can't ever do all of your ten things, otherwise what would be left???) Now I'm trying to figure out exactly what I can cram into 2 days and 2 nights and it's not a pretty sight. I am, however, staying at a really neat hotel right next to Central Park and across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it's called the Stanhope Park Hyatt. There's an exhibition at the Met that I really want to see called Goddess, highlight the role that classical dress has played throughout the ages. While I was searching for information on the exhibition, I found a test on iVillage called Which Goddess Are You?. Below are my results:

"You scored 58.3% Aphrodite
If you are ruled mostly by Aphrodite, your femininity and passionate spirit are the controlling forces in your life. You tend to be charismatic and self-assured, comfortable with your body and unrestrained sexually. Men are drawn to you like bees to flowers, which satisfies your erotic nature. However, you tend not to form permanent attachments with lovers because you value your sexual freedom, which may leave you feeling lonely and even depleted once a relationship ends. To find and form a more lasting relationship, you need to add more of the goddess Hera to your life."

OK, I don't get the whole not forming permanent attachments because I value my sexual freedom, because that's just totally not true, and I only wish that men were drawn to me, but the rest is pretty close. There's a poem that goes along with the Aphrodite designation, too:

All women are born beautiful.
Knowing that, however, is their choice!
All women are born deserving love.
Choosing that is up to them.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be embracing my inner goddess now.


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