Alrighty! I have not been paying near enough attention to this little project of mine and it's time that I did.

Not much going on right now. Trying to get myself back onto the health and fitness bandwagon. Why is it that it's twice as hard to get back on as it is just to keep doing it day after day? I think it's some sort of evil, keep that weight on as punishment for all of the awful food you've eaten, vast conspiracy against overweight people. LOL. [Note: No, I don't really think that's it. I think it's because I have to whip my weak willpower back into shape again and it gets more determined to fight back each time I have to try again. What??? Do you have a better reason? Email me, then!] Anyway, I've been drinking the requisite 100oz of water every day, so I "just" need to add the food and water again and I'll be back in business. I've rejoined, or reconnected, to be more accurate, with my eDiets support group and I've printed out my meal plan and shopping list with plans to go to and order all of my meals for the next four days delivered right to my (incredibly lazy) doorstep, so food should be on track this time tomorrow. Long term, I've restarted my DietToGo with a delivery scheduled for Wednesday night, and that's the ultimate lazy way to eat what I'm supposed to. Notice what I'm leaving for last? Yes, that's right...physical activity. Anyone who's read any of my past entries (and, don't worry, I know there's probably no one that falls into that category) knows that, at one point, I was training for the L.A. Marathon. Training to run in the L.A. Marathon. Well, at this point, I'm falling back to trying to get 15 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and we'll see where I go from there. Sad, but true. Frustrating, too. I just got on the scale in the bathroom and I'm two pounds OVER where I started in April, 2002. Oh, well...nowhere to go but down, I suppose.

Well, I'm off for now, need to get my groceries ordered and then head to bed. I promised C. that I'd be in bed by 10pm and I don't break promises to him. Did I mention that he's the most fabulous man I've ever met?

Weeks until Christmas (when I get to see C. again): 22


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