How long can Denise go between postings before she completely forgets to blog???

Wednesday afternoon. OK, I've reached that frightening place where the whole eating well thing is starting to become a habit and, at those times when I want to be "bad", it's usually satiated with a healthy alternative. This, my friends, has me scared. Why, you ask? Because this is usually the time that complete meltdown occurs. I'm cruising along, feeling positive and strong and every other wonderful, "I am woman, hear me roar" kind of thing, when out of nowhere, something happens and knocks me right back to square one. It's sort of like that game "Snakes and Ladders" (or "Chutes and Ladders", depending on whether your mom was English like mine or not) where, if you land on the wrong square, you slide right back down to the very beginning of the game board. So, I'm scared...but I'm not just sitting here passively waiting for it to happen, either, and I'm hoping that this time I've got the defensive capability to fight it off and prevail.

The training walk last week in LA was fine, although I was literally drenched with sweat when we finished. Actually, I suppose that's a good thing! In any case, our pace leader wasn't there, so one of the other group members and I led the four people in the group on an hour long walk of about three miles. I'll be missing this week's walk because I'll Virginia with C!!! WOOHOO. I will, however, being the diligent aspiring marathoner that I am, do the required walks with C while I'm there. I've been really good so far, not missing one session, even on Sunday night when the very last thing in the world that I wanted to do was go out in the heat and do anything. In fact, what I most wanted to do was go face first into a burger, fries, onion rings, chicken fingers, and, of course, a diet Coke. I didn't eat any of that, though, and I went out to do my hour long walk like a good girl. Much of the credit has to go to C who encouraged/pushed me to get out and do it, although it was still me that had to get up, lace on the shoes, and put the rubber to the pavement. I was so proud of myself for that and that feeling of pride has helped carry me through this week's workouts (so far), too.

So, all of the annual performance appraisals (aka yearly employee reviews) that I am responsible for were supposed to be done by the end of the business day last Thursday because the accompanying pay increases went into effect the following day. Well, I didn't quite finish all of mine in time (two of five were done), so I sat down with those that didn't get their official appraisals on Thursday to tell them what their raises were and why. Great. So, in the meantime, did I do the remaining appraisals over the weekend when I had plenty of time? Heck, no! I've been going to bed early (10pm) and getting up every morning this week at 5am to finish one a day. At this point, all but one are completed and have been administered. One more early morning and I'll be done with this loverly task for another year. Well, technically I'm supposed to give them mid year appraisals, too, although I generally do those verbally rather than in a written format. This year I'd like to actually do them in a written format, which would require me to keep up with the writing portion of it so that I don't end up the night before I have to give them scrambling to force another word for "accomplishments" out of my sleep deprived brain. We all have goals...this, sadly, is one of mine.

Weeks until L.A. Marathon: 28
Weeks until Christmas: 18
Activity yesterday: 45 minutes/2.4 miles on treadmill (interval training w/ different paces and elevations)
Activity today: 45 minutes/2.4 miles on treadmill


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