Sleep? Who needs it?

Thursday morning. Yes, that's right, it's been over a week since I posted last.

I am not sleeping well and I'm not sure why. I think it's a combination of the fact that I'm procrastinating getting my reviews done for work (I have five to write and give in the next week) and the heat and staying up too late the past few nights. Whatever the reason, it is seriously knocking me off of my game. I feel out of sorts and all over the place mentally and emotionally. I had another of those "I don't think I can give up my whole life as I know it for C." panic attacks last night and I think the sleep deprivation thing is at the root of it. It's not as though I'm not getting some sleep but it's just not enough, it seems.

Good news on the health front, though. I've been on program solidly with my eating and water since last Thursday's little journey into the carton of low fat Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt and I've even managed to get workouts in both on Monday and Tuesday. (Last night I was at work until 7pm and was just run off of my feet all day, so no workout.) I also got a very well timed email yesterday from the L.A. Roadrunners group, the official training group for the L.A. Marathon, telling me that their training sessions are starting on Saturday for the marathon in March. After my little setback earlier this summer (and the realization that I'm still just too heavy to run for any length of time), I'd given up on the marathon but with that little reminder email, I started thinking about the possibility of walking instead of running. They say that even recreational walkers (I'd say I qualify) can train to successfully complete the marathon with their program, so I've signed up. The bad news? They meet every Saturday in Venice at 7am. Since I'm in San Diego, that means that I need to leave my house by 4am every Saturday morning, drive 2-1/2 hours (if there's no traffic), then do the long walk with the group, then drive another 2-1/2 hours (again, if there's no traffic) home. Every week between now and March. Yes, I really want to do this. No, it's not the way I'd dreamed about doing it, but I'll do it and put a stake in the ground that says that I'm a fit person and that I can stick with things when I'm determined enough to do so.

With that, I'll be reinstating my countdown to the 2004 LA Marathon, in addition to counting down the weeks until Christmas (when I get to visit C.)

Weeks until L.A. Marathon: 30
Weeks until Christmas: 20
Activity yesterday: none


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