This isn't so bad...

Saturday afternoon. Well, this morning was the first meeting of the marathon training team I've joined and it went really well. First, I managed to get up at 4am, even after a really dismal night's sleep. I didn't run into any traffic at all and got there with a comfortable amount of time before the official program started. I got my "In Training" tshirt, which I nearly wept as I put on, as well as my Training Manual, which contains the schedule for workouts from now until race day. (Gulp! I am supposed to do a hour of hill work on Christmas Day as well as a 12 mile walk the Saturday after Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.) We did a two mile/33 minute walk. There are about 20 people in my particular pace group, which is nice. The pace leader is a BBW, too, and she did last year's marathon successfully, which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

I drove home from Venice (where the training is), had Rubio's for lunch (Health Mex combo), then headed over to RoadRunner sports to find shoes to train in. Very strange, because I have to buy running shoes even though I'm walking the whole thing. Oh, well. I also shopped online for synthetic based training clothes that wick moisture away because most of the stuff I have now is 99% cotton/1% lycra, and that's just going to get soggy and gross with the amount of walking I'm going to be doing.

I'm SO excited!!!

Weeks until L.A. Marathon: 30
Weeks until Christmas: 20
Activity yesterday: 33 minutes/1.7 miles on treadmill
Activity today: 33 minutes/2 miles on sidewalk near beach (Venice)


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