And so it goes

Thursday afternoon. Well, nothing of any real importance to write about today but I'm trying not to wait a month between posts, so here I go...

Today was all about meetings for me. I started the day off by giving the last of my annual performance appraisals (aka yearly reviews) at 10am, followed by a weekly one on one meeting with one of my team members at 10:30am. From 11am until 3:30pm, I was in one LOOOOOOOOOOOONG meeting to discuss a new product we might be participating in (excitingish, really). I am fed up with meetings! Well, that's all done and I'm feeling righteous and smug. (Yeah for me!)

OK, on the health front, the news is not so good. I slid right off of the nutrition, adequate hydration, and exercise bandwagon and am lollygagging in Slugville. I am not pleased with myself and am not sure how to snap myself out of it. I have to say that I feel much better knowing that Lori, of tales of a bathroom scale is fighting with the same demons because it doesn't make me feel as alone. Truly, many (most?) of my problems with my weight stem from feelings of lonliness and, consequently, my questioning my own validity as a person. You know, it just really infuriates me to think that this is still an issue for me at the age of (nearly) 36!!! I mean, I spent all of my adolescence angst ridden about being 125 pounds and now I'd kill to be that weight. I just want to scream and shout and pound something really, really hard until my hands hurt and then cry for a while. I am a good person, I am an intelligent person, I am a successful person in most every way that the world cares about...and I can't control my eating. I'm not going to solve it tonight and I'm tired, so I'm going home.

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