Can you imagine looking at exercise as a privilege???

Monday morning. I'm starting a new feature of my site today, Denise's Favorite Headline of the Day. I was reading an article about blogs and it said that the very best of them include lots of links to, and discussion of, content on the web. In an effort to be a little more interesting (and, yes, generate a little more interest, possibly even traffic), I'm going to post a link to one article a day that strikes a chord with my imagination.

Today's article is from MSNBC. Afghan girls exercise a freedom discusses the efforts of a club in Afghanistan to organize a girls' Tae Kwon Do class for teenagers. Although all of the participants remain completely covered at all times in their traditional garb, the club has come under fire (not literally, although the club organizers were beaten) for being contrary to Islamic beliefs. At this point, they only have 13 students, possibly because of the threat to their safety. I have two associates in my department that go to Tae Kwon Do classes twice weekly on site here at VLSCI and I think nothing of it other than to admire their dedication to physical activity, while, in Afghanistan, such a class is an act of defiance and bravery. It reminds me again how many freedoms we take for granted here in the U.S. Today, I'm challenging everyone who reads this post to go out in the fresh air and move your body in some sort of exercise related way. Consider it an act of solidarity with those girls in Afghanistan (and be very glad that you can wear shorts while you're sweating).


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