Could this be Denise's "aha" moment?

Sunday evening. Today has been a pretty blah sort of day, nothing special. I got up and did my required one hour walk early, didn't push myself terribly hard, and managed only three miles in an hour. Not impressive but it got done and I'm pleased. I also stuck with my DietToGo lunch even though it wasn't very inspiring because first, I really want this weight off and I know that as long as I eat what they send me, I'll lose weight and, second, it's a terrible waste of money (and food) when I don't. I did jettison the chickpea salad (bleah!) and substituted seven reduced fat Triscuits instead, but, other than that, I ate what was on my menu. I am, accordingly, pleased.

So, the possible epiphany (or, as Oprah calls it, aha moment) is that I really do want to do properly and exercise...and that, if I make sure that I've always got the food ready to go in the fridge and workout clothes laid out the night before, I will do it. The happy part of this realization is that I have the power to make this work for me, even long term. The bad part is that it is, at the heart of things, sheer laziness that prevents me from being on plan 100% of the time.

* I am too lazy to go grocery shopping and get healthy food in the house myself so, if for some reason my DietToGo isn't here, I'm off plan.
* I am too lazy to get up a little earlier and put together my workout clothes to take to work so, if I forget/am too lazy the night before, I'm off plan.
* I am too lazy to go to 7-11 after work to get more Evian so, if I forget or am not home to go to the store on the weekend, I'm off plan.

They say that knowledge is power, now we'll just have to see what I do with this knowledge.

Weeks until L.A. Marathon: 26
Weeks until Christmas: 16
Activity today: one hour/3 miles by the bay


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