Friday afternoon. I went for a walk outside for half an hour, very easy, and I do think that my mood has improved. I'm not nearly as cranky and I'm eating my lunch now, too, which might have had a lot to do with my general funk.

Sorry not to have posted yesterday but I just wasn't really ever moved to say anything. Very blah day. Perhaps that is a contributing factor to my earlier high crank factor. In any case, I didn't get any exercise in, either, because the all in one jog bra/tank top that I'd brought with me looked simply hideous on (think overstuffed sausage casing) and I just couldn't face the people in the gym at work looking like that. Honestly, if you understood how completely self conscious I am about exercising in front of other people at my size under the best of conditions, you'd realize how horrifying it would have been to go in there last night in a top that was way too tight and so stretched across the shoulders and arm holes that it was creating back fat. (Ewwwww!!! TMI. Sorry.) Anyway, so I didn't exercise but I did manage to stop myself from grabbing Subway on the way home instead of eating my stuffed shells with pesto sauce from DietToGo (amended with a liberal serving of Hunt's Tomato Sauce with Chunks of Tomatoes), so not an altogether bad day for the healthy lifestyle thing.

C's youngest daughter, we'll call her The Imp, has a birthday coming up in October. I decided that she needs a dollhouse and have put a lot of research and planning in to find just the right one, with enough options and goodies to make her little girlie girl heart content. So, after all of that planning and buying, the dollhouse itself arrived at C's yesterday. It's the Loving Family doll house, available at Amazon (among others, I'm sure), and I've also purchased seven rooms full of furniture, two grandmas (one didn't look anything like C's mom, so I bought another one, separately), and one grandpa from various sources. Oh, yes...I am having fun with this little experience!!! Finally, after eight years of nephews (both of whom I love dearly), there's a girlie girl and I get to buy her girlie toys. WooHoo. Now I just need to figure out how to break it to C that I'm going to buy her most of the Talbot's Kids catalog outfits for Christmas.

I'm off to get a (non fat, decaf) latte before my team meeting. It's going to be a very brief meeting from my standpoint because I really don't have much to say and I don't feel like sitting around today.

Weeks until LA Marathon: 25
Weeks until Christmas: 14
Exercise today: 30 minutes/1.5 miles slow, easy walking


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