How do I look???

Sunday night (just barely). Well, after much fussing and even a little trauma (who knew what "CSS" meant and that it would be such a complete bear to manipulate to my will?), I've done a little redecorating around the old blog. What do you think? I have to give credit where credit is due and this design comes from ebedgert via I point this out because the dear thing didn't put any sort of linkage or credit within the skin, so I'm trying to assuage my guilt over having this amazing new design and doing nearly nothing to create it. So, thank you very much ebedgert, wherever (and whoever) you are! Let me know what you think of the new look. I've got the old code saved to my desktop, so if this isn't a big hit, I can always revert. (Yes, that's 12 years of working at VLSCI talking!)

It's funny that the blog and I should get new 'dos on the same weekend. I went to see Nicole, the most amazing hair stylist in the world, Friday night and, thanks to her magic scissors, I have finally lost all of the nasty damage from my platinum blonde experiment earlier this year. In place of said damage, I have a cute little cut with most of the length in the back maintained while angling the front a little and putting in lots of fun layers, too. I love it so very, very much!

This weekend was a good one fitness wise, too. Friday night, after my fabulous salon experience, I decided that I wasn't much in the mood to stand in line at the rental car company or to get up at 3:45am the next morning, so I did my weekly long training walk here in San Diego. I chose Lake Miramar for my journey because I was supposed to do about six miles and I know that the loop around the lake is five and some change, so it sounded like a good fit. When I got there (about 10:30am -- I slept in), I found that they're doing construction and so it's not a loop anymore, which worked out fine, too. I walked to the three mile marker and back in an hour and 41 minutes. My feet were sore and I was very thirsty (note to self: bring water on walks!), but I really didn't feel as badly as I thought I would. Big yeah for me! Tonight I did an hour down by Mission Bay and covered three and a half miles, which isn't a bad pace, either.

You know, I really do feel empowered when I do things like yesterday's walk. I've spent so much of my life being afraid, missing out on experiences because I was playing it safe, staying within the lines, doing what was expected of me. No one expects me, a life long fat girl with no motivation, to finish a marathon. Heck, I don't think anyone expects me to get to a healthy weight and maintain it for the rest of my life, either. Guess what, folks??? I not only expect all of this of myself, I KNOW that I'm going to do it. One foot in front of the other, one meal at a time, one smart choice after another, and with God's help.

Weeks until LA Marathon: 24
Weeks until Christmas: 14
Exercise today: 60 minutes/3.5 miles
Exercise yesterday: 101 minutes/6.2 miles


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