I guess that's why they call it "the blues"

Tuesday morning. I was talking to C last night, trying to explain what I meant when I told him I was "in a funk" and I realized that it's really hard to define this feeling that I have to anyone outside my skin. I guess you could call it a touch of depression, the blues, a funk, whatever. Basically, I just lose the motivation to do anything except the most basic things like eating, sleeping, and watching TV. I also feel very weepy, clingy, and generally over emotional, but it only seems to happen at night.

Now, some of this could be caused by the fact that my sleeping pattern is hosed up and changes from day to day. I have always been one of those lucky people that just wakes up without an alarm at the right time in the mornings. Lately, I've had to set my alarm because I'm staying up too late. This is not good. I've read a lot of research showing links between lack of sleep and diabetes (which I already have), heart disease, and other unpleasant things, so I know that it can have profound effects on your body. I wonder how much of a role that's playing in my general malaise right now?

Today's news story of the day comes to us from MSNBC. The story, U.S. may send more reservists to Iraq, just heightens the sense I already have that things just are not going well or as expected in Iraq. I believe that removing Hussein and his cronies from power was absolutely the right thing to do, I just hate the aftermath and the way that the same people who were encouraging us to do it (Ahmed Chalabi prominent among them) are now saying "thanks for the army, now go away and let us oppress these people in peace". The thought that we may have removed one nasty, oppressive dictator only to have the country overrun by religious extremists bound and determined to have the citizens longing for the days of Saddam sickens and saddens me. Also very disturbing is the trend of using our military reservists and National Guardsmen as "filler" because we don't have enough active duty military to take care of this. In my opinion, we either need to step up recruiting or reduce our commitment in other areas of the globe. Wow, this was probably one of the most political posts I've ever done...hope it doesn't put any of the three people that read me off -- I can't afford to lose a single reader. Stick with me, please!

Weeks until LA Marathon: 24
Weeks until Christmas: 14
Exercise yesterday: None. The funk got the better of me and I didn't do my hour of intervals as I was supposed to. I think I'm going to have to start doing it at lunch time because I lose motivation by the end of the day.


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