I'm stunned

Tuesday afternoon. I am sitting here, stunned. Someone actually posted a comment for me (in response to my pathetic plea for validation). Someone actually reads what I write. Wow. I am so humbled and so excited, all at once. I guess that means that I'd better start coming up with much more interesting things to write about, doesn't it? Hmmm.

Not that this topic qualifies as interesting but it's on my mind, so just bear with me...my company (a very large, internationally known software company that I will henceforth call Very Large Software Company Inc or VLSCI) has stopped stocking the Zee Medical cabinets with such basics as ibuprofen, acetaminophen (sp?), antacids, Midol equivalent, and cold remedies. They will continue providing band aids, Ace wraps, and Neosporin equivalent antibacterial ointment, but no more medications. This is VERY BAD. As a manager, my gut feeling is that the person who made this decision will be nowhere near the development teams in the next few months as we develop over 800 products for release in a six (6) week span (concurrent with the December holidays and New Year's, mind you) and thus will miss out on the joy of listening to people crab and be unpleasant to one another all because there are no OTC remedies for their headaches, body aches, and tummy aches available. I sincerely hope that whatever amount of money we are saving with this change is worth the sanity of every manager in development, because that will be the ultimate cost. If an army marches on its stomach, software product development at every large corporation marches on the Zee cabinet. Well, Zee and caffeine, if we're being truly honest and forthcoming. My solution to this little conundrum? I'm heading out to Price Club to buy the mega huge bottles of Tylenol, Advil, Midol, and Tums for my office. I love this place and the folks on my team, too, but there's just no way I'm putting up with four more months of crankiness!

I don't think I mentioned it yesterday, but my eDiets challenge team has accepted a mini challenge from another team to see which group can drink the most water this week. Consequently, I drank 128oz yesterday (and was up all night to prove it) and I've done 96oz so far today. I'm so fed up with running up and down the stairs to the ladies' room that I may forgo my personal goal of 178oz today and just stick with another 32 before I go home. Perhaps by cutting off the water before 7pm I might have an uninterrupted night's sleep? Man, I sure hope so!

Back to the (software development) salt mines! More later.


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