Just call me Oscar

Friday morning. I am such a total grouch today!!! I didn't start out that way but after only two and one half hours here at VLSCI, I'm like The Crankmaster 2000. I find myself looking at the contractors on my team and questioning what they're doing, if they're goofing off, etc. I've been going over my reports and getting mad about small defects that I've found. I'm not normally an angry, broody person. Honestly, I'm not. Being moody makes me, well, moody. Almost like a terminal loop. I need to break this little cycle because no one needs to put up with me being like this (especially not on a Friday) and it's so not good for me to dwell in negativity (it blackens everything with its darkness). I think I shall take my 45 minute easy walk, as prescribed by my official LA RoadRunners Marathon training schedule, and then have lunch, and see how I feel.

Back with more later (and hopefully a little more upbeat, too!)


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