Obladi obladah, life goes on...

Monday morning. Yes, today is the Day After Denise's Ephiphany and it's going pretty darned well, I think. I know, I should never say that because it's just tempting fate. Boring, manager stuff to take care of first thing on a Monday (getting timesheets from not only my four contractors but also MJ's five, too) and I had to be here before 8:15am, too. Brutal! Where is Amnesty International when you need them?

This week, my Creative Challenge team from eDiets.com has a mini challenge with another team to see which group can drink the most water, so I need to start slurping the clear stuff down. I must do my part for the team, and it will also help flush out all of the nasty stuff accumulated in my system last week while I was on my junk food fest. It's a good thing from every angle.

I am still scared about C and I for so many reasons (distance, money, personality differences, etc) but I know this one thing with absolute certainty: I LOVE HIM. He is probably the most wonderful man (other than my saintly father) I've ever met and, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me, he loves me. Wow! I/we have to find a way to make this work. Perhaps time will make things clearer? We'll see.

Weeks until L.A. Marathon: 26
Weeks until Christmas: 16
Activity today: None, it's a planned/scheduled day off on the official LA Roadrunner marathon training schedule. Yeehaw!


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