Once again, with feeling

Tuesday afternoon. You know, this blogging thing is starting to make me feel the way that I used to in high school. I'm not one of the popular kids, or one of the pithy drama kids, or one of the jocks, or a goth/mod...I'm just, well, me. Of course, just "me" was never interesting enough to attract large numbers of friends (or, for the most part, any boys!) and it appears that it's the same thing now, too. Grrr. Of course, it would probably help if I had some kind of a theme for my ramblings, some semblance of discipline about posting every day, or, even better, something of significance to say every once in a while. I mean, honestly, would I want to read my blog most days? Nope!

OK, well, putting that aside for the moment, I had a fantastic weekend with C. Saturday morning we took off for Washington, DC, driving the length of western Virginia and arriving at the hotel about 3pm. I just love this hotel!!! C. says that he knows how Edward Lewis (Richard Gere's character from "Pretty Woman") lives, which makes me giggle and also very happy, because I was able to give him that experience. We got an automatic upgrade to an executive suite, which gave us a living room, bedroom, and indecently huge bathroom (complete with phone and TV). I hit the gym at the hotel for a 75 minute walk on Saturday night, which made me feel righteously happy, and we did lots of walking on Sunday while sightseeing, all of which are good things. On the other side of the equation, I ate lots of things that I shouldn't have this weekend, too, leaving me at the inescapable conclusion that I need the routine of my daily life in order to be successful with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle. This shouldn't have been an eye opener to me, and I'm very happy to say that I did a lot better with it than I would have even a month ago. No regrets or recriminations from here!

I didn't, however, take the many opportunities presented to me by the fact that we were together alone most of the weekend to discuss my concerns about C's lack of action on the areas of concern in his life. Well, we touched on all of the things that need to be done (as we usually do), but I didn't speak up and tell him that it really bothers me that he's not doing anything about any of them and just complains or refuses to think about them. This just doesn't bode well for a future together because I'm not terribly good at this sort of thing, either, and I just don't think that I want to be the one always making sure that things get done, you know? Relationships in general, and marriages in specific, need to be an equitable partnership and I think that part of that has to be taking responsibility for some of the required activities along the way. Of course, if I never tell him that it bothers me then I'll never give him the opportunity to take action and put them right, either. Hmmm...that's a pretty grown up thought and I think I'm proud of myself for that!

No activity yesterday (Monday) and nothing "official" on Sunday, either, although I did walk a whole lot outside (enough to make my whole body sore even two days later). As noted above, I walked 75 minutes Saturday on the treadmill at the hotel, so all is not lost. I just got an email from my pace leader for the LA Marathon training group and we're doing an 80 minute walk this weekend at the 3.6-3.7mph pace which might just "weed" me from that group. I'm not sure that I can do that much time at that pace. On the treadmill, I am only able to do long distances at the 3.4mph pace, so we'll just have to see. I don't want to kill myself but I also don't want to fall back into a slower group just because my legs are a little sore. We'll just have to see, won't we?

Weeks to LA Marathon: 26
Weeks until Christmas: 16 (oh my gosh...that is both way too soon and way too far away)


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