Once more, with feeling

Thursday afternoon. Well, after getting the bad news from Blogger that my spiffy, new template was irretrievable, I set about doing the work to implement it again. I've managed to get the main page set up to my liking and tonight I'll get the archive page fixed, too. I've also saved a copy of the template code to my hard drive in case of another disaster.

I know that yesterday's post wasn't terribly uplifting, but you have no idea how much it helped me get things resolved in my mind. Such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders just knowing that it's resolved and over. Unfortunately, before that happened, she replied to the nasty, emotionally charged response I sent her, and that email brought all of the same issues back up and threw my failings right up in my face. Yes, I treated her (and our friendship) horribly last year while I was mixed up with The Mistake. Yes, this is not the first time I've been guilty of shafting my friends while in the blush of first romance. I'm sorry!!! Someone shoot me for still being optimistic enough to think, "perhaps this one is it...perhaps I won't have to date anymore!" OK, yes, I know how incredibly immature it is to put a new man above your old friends and it's not as though it's something I consciously do...besides, lots of other girls do it, too. (I know, that's no excuse!) Anyway, that was just one of the things she threw in my face and I was in the midst of trying to respond to everything, point by point, when I realized that I just needed to tell her that the friendship was irretrievably damaged and that I felt we should put a stop to it before more hurt was caused for no reason. I haven't heard from her again and I feel confident that I never will. Moving on...

So, what am I doing to make sure that I not only do not head down the same path with my remaining friends but that I repair whatever damage I've done there, too? I'm making myself (and my friends) a promise, here and now: I will reply to your email, written missive, or voice mail/phone message within 24 hours via the same medium used to contact me. Yes, that's right! I may not get to sleep at night, but I will not shine my friends on. It's something that I've learned from my eight years in management, if you don't take care of it immediately, it won't get done. I know that there are people that will tell you to prioritize and work on things in order of importance rather than urgency, but my friends have got to be top of the pile for importance (sharing that spot with C, of course). This is my new project and we'll see how my results look after a month.

Weeks until LA Marathon: 25
Weeks until Christmas: 14
Exercise yesterday: 35 minutes/2.0 miles on treadmill PLUS 10 minutes on elliptical
Exercise Tuesday: 45 minutes interval training


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