Saturday night (just barely). I did my first 5K since April today and had a pretty respectable time -- 49:05. Would I have liked it better if I'd matched my time from April? Heck, yes! Am I happy with the time I did? You betcha, because it's actually faster than I plan to do the marathon, and that's not a bad thing. I'm not sure how it's going to impact my seven mile walk tomorrow (hopefully it won't impact it at all), so I'll definitely be doing some stretching stuff before I set forth. I also remembered to grab Gatorade from 7-11 so that I'll have liquids while I'm walking. It's not that I like drinking and walking at the same time, it's more that I don't like the hallucinations I seem to get when I exercise that hard without any water.

So far, so good with my new resolution to faithfully return messages from friends instead of listening to or reading them and then forgetting about it for a week (or a month). I've stayed within my guaranteed 24 hour turnaround precisely for the past few days -- gold foil star for me! We'll see how that holds up once things get busier at work, but I'm happy right now.

C's daughter, formerly known here as The Imp, henceforth to be called The Scamp (something about a former girlfriend thinking she was an imp or some such weirdness), is visiting and is providing great entertainment for me, even from 2,600 miles away. First, while I was getting ready for my 5K, C calls from The Hands On Museum in Johnson City (he said that was the name...don't ask me) and he's got The Scamp plus the kids from next door (belonging to the guy from Missouri who met C's cousin on the internet and then promptly picked up his four kids and moved to be with her) plus one of his other cousin's kids, too. I think the total was five kids. Anyway, he was trying to keep them all corralled and out of trouble and it was highly amusing to listen to. Then, The Scamp did something very out of character for her. Her daddy asked if she wanted to talk to me (she never talks to anyone on the phone -- not her daddy, not her one) and she said yes ! Ha! C was shocked and so was I, frankly. Shocked, but pleased. Her little scampish voice made me giggle even though I couldn't understand half of what she was saying. Later, as I was picking up my Pick Up Stix House Special Chicken with Vegetables, C called again with a house full of little girls. Turns out The Scamp decided she wanted the girls from next door to sleep over, along with their baby brother, so it was C and three little girls in a battle of wills. I couldn't help but laugh as they tried all of the classic moves on him. I think they were asleep (finally) by the time we got off the phone at midnight his time -- I know that C was!

Weeks until LA Marathon: 25
Weeks until Christmas: 14
Exercise yesterday: 60 minutes/3.2 miles of hills on treadmill
Exercise today: 49 minutes/3.2 mile race in Pasadena


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