Some days are just like that

Friday afternoon. I've been busy all day, although I really couldn't tell you what I've been working on. I don't know if that's universal to all harried software project managers or if it's just me. I do know that it really makes it tough to get that warm, fuzzy sense of accomplishment.

One thing that I know I did today was go over someone's head at one of the outside agencies we work with, which I hate having to do. I got burned by doing something very similar a few years ago, although I also left a tersely worded voicemail to top it off that time, which the person in question was able to play over and over again, fanning the flames of her anger. Lesson definitely learned. I feel fairly confident that I've done what I can to get the situation resolved with my contact prior to going over her head and, although I know this is going to damage our working relationship, business needs sometimes outweigh courtesy. (Besides, at this point, I'm not sure how much more unpleasant dealing with this agency can become. They're already being downright nasty, in my opinion, and exhibiting a high degree of snarkiness to boot!)

No exercise yet today. I'm going to do an hour of hills once I'm done here. I'll report back later!


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