There's no shame in admitting you're out of your league!

Saturday afternoon. Today's training walk with the Road Runners did not go well. I'm sure that part of it was the fact that I haven't done any walking since last Saturday, but it was compounded by the pace that the group leader was keeping. Our group's pace was advertised as between 16 and 16-1/2 minutes per mile and she did 15:51 a mile, which just about killed me after two miles! Then, when we hit a hill and she didn't slow down, I just decided to step to the side and let them go past me. Basically, to keep that pace at my height, I'd have to start to jog and I'm not going to do that. All that I want to do is finish, so I'm bailing out on that group and moving backwards. I don't know if I want to join the 17 minute group or not, so we'll see what I end up doing.

I've found several new, very interesting weight loss/healthy lifestyle blogs in the past few days and I'll be adding them to my list on the left. Strange, but I think I've finally found a "voice" for my journal because I can identify so well with all of these people struggling with the same things that I am, whereas I can only aspire to the "coolness" that most of the hip bloggers have. So, much like this morning's walk, I've decided not to even bother striving for hip or cool and just be me, extra 100 pounds and all! It's a very freeing feeling, honestly.

Weeks to L.A. Marathon: 26
Weeks until Christmas: 16
Activity today: 75 minutes/4.6 miles at Venice Beach


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