Thursday morning. I think I might (slowly) be emerging from my funk. I don't seem to be as sluggish and whiny as I was earlier in the week. Gosh, I really hope it was just a lack of sleep or sleep interruption, because I don't like feeling out of sorts and I was starting to worry that it was early menopause! (One day we'll get into my hypochondria, but not today.)

In a follow up to yesterday's news story of the day, Woman sentenced to stoning freed comes to us from CNN. Bowing, no doubt, to international pressure, the appeals court overturned Lawal's sentence and freed her. This is just some random woman from a tiny village who had sex with the wrong guy and believed him when he said he would marry her, and now she's an international news story. It's really so odd sometimes how small our world can be.

I did my walking after work last night, but only 65 minutes instead of 75. Why did I not do the last ten? Because I am a slug and because the treadmill at work only allows you to do 60 minutes before it kicks into cool down mode and I just didn't feel like fighting to get it set back up for the last ten minutes. Totally sluggish!

I do, however, have a really cool, non sluggish idea that I'm going to implement starting today. (Right here, as a matter of fact.) Most of you (unless you're bored enough to have read through my archives) probably don't know it, but I am diabetic. I have what is known as Type II, non insulin dependent diabetes and I am able to control it with diet and exercise as long as I follow your basic nutritional guidelines and get regular (four or five days a week) exercise. Many diabetics are not as lucky as me and are not able to exercise regularly because of the pain from retinopathy (nerve damage that commonly affects the feet of diabetics) or because of advanced heart disease (another common "gift with purchase" for diabetics). Worse yet, of the estimated 17 million people in the United States (6.2% of the population) who have diabetes, about 5.9 million (one third) are unaware that they have this disease. How can you help? In honor of my upcoming 36th birthday and the 26.2 miles I will be walking as part of the 2004 LA Marathon, I'm asking for donations to the American Diabetes Association. You can, of course, give any amount that you're comfortable with but two suggested amounts from me are $36.00 (the number of years I've been lucky enough to be here on Earth) or $26.20 (the number of miles I'll be walking on March 7th). If you're interested in making a donation, contact me by clicking on my name under this post and I'll send you the information about how to do it. As an extra bonus, because they are a tax exempt organization, you'll get a tax write off along with your happy feeling of satisfaction at helping people that really need it.

Weeks until LA Marathon: 24
Weeks until Christmas: 13
Exercise yesterday: 65 minutes/3.5 miles of slow walking on the treadmill at work


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