Tuesday morning. I'm feeling terribly blah, to be honest. Not sure why. I am craving not just foods that are unhealthy for me but an old fashioned, feel sick afterwards, beat myself up for days style binge. I don't even know what, specifically, I want to eat, and I think that's probably a good thing because, if there were a specific craving involved, I'd probably be ready to give in soon. I even had a dream about eating chocolate chip cookies last night. It was so real that I woke up feeling guilty, sure that I'd actually done it instead of just dreaming it. What a relief to find that I hadn't!

My news story of the day (sort of) comes to you from Tomato Nation. OK, it's not, strictly speaking, a news story, but I saw it on Odious Woman's website and it resonated with me, so I'm passing it along. Basically, it's a story of two strangers who were thrown together on 9/11/01 in NYC and now one of them is trying to find the other, two years later. Kind of neat-o, so check it out.

I also saw something really cool on Snarky Friend's site this morning and, since I'm properly attributing it, I'm going to re-post it here.

"The Rules of Love from "The Art of Courtly Love" written by Andreas Capellanus (Andrew the Chaplain) in Latin, between 1174 & 1186, to a young Walter. It was written at the court of Marie de Champaigne, influential patroness of the arts.

1. Marriage should not be a deterrent to love.
2. Love cannot exist in the individual who cannot be jealous.
3. A double love cannot obligate an individual.
4. Love constantly waxes and wanes.
5. That which is not freely given by the object of one's love loses its savour.
6. It is necessary for a male to reach the age of maturity in order to love.
7. A lover must observe a two-year widowhood after his beloved's death.
8. Only the most urgent circumstances should deprive one of love.
9. Only the insistence of love can motivate one to love.
10. Love cannot coexist with avarice.
11. A lover should not love anyone who would be an embarrassing marriage choice.
12. True love excludes all from its embrace but the beloved.
13. Public revelation of love is deadly to love in most instances.
14. The value of love is commensurate with its difficulty of attainment.
15. The presence of one's beloved causes paleness of complexion.
16. The sign of one's beloved causes palpitation of the heart.
17. A new love brings an old one to a finish.
18. Good character is the one real requirement for worthiness of love.
19. When love grows faint its demise is usually certain.
20. Apprehension is the constant companion of the true lover.
21. Love is reinforced by jealousy.
22. Suspicion of the beloved generates jealousy and therefore intensifies love.
23. Eating and sleeping diminish greatly when one is aggravated by love.
24. The lover's every deed is performed with the thought of his beloved in mind.
25. Unless it please his beloved, no act or thought is worthy to the lover.
26. Love is powerless to withhold anything from love.
27. There is no such thing as too much of the pleasure of one's beloved.
28. Presumption on the part of the beloved causes suspicion in the lover.
29. Aggravation of excessive passion does not usually afflict the true lover.
30. Thought of the beloved never leaves the true lover.
31. Two men may love one woman or two women one man.
30. The true lover is continuously obsessed with the image of his beloved.
31. Nothing prevents a woman from being loved by two men, or a man from being loved by two women"

Pretty cool, eh? I especially like #28 because no one likes being taken for granted.

I am going to do an hour of interval training on the treadmill, either before lunch or after work. Am I excited about it? No. Will I do it anyway? Yes, I will.


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