Wednesday evening. I'm on my way to the gym for my lovely 75 minutes of walking followed by a set of tricep extensions (I have to do them for my eDiets challenge), and I just have to stop by to say that I really, really love C. Since he's stopped calling me at work on his drive to work (at my request), I feel so completely bereft at noon fifteen every day without hearing his voice. I know that it's making the time that we do talk a lot more meaningful, and I know that some of our conversations were starting to get a bit snarky (mostly on my part, to be honest), but that doesn't mean that I don't miss it.

Oh yes, and I have a rant to get off of my chest. When I got my suitcase back from Delta last week after my flight home from Virginia, I noticed that it was missing it's very cool, all leather luggage tag. I thought it was odd at the time because leather is pretty darned durable and not likely to tear. After my initial annoyance passed, however, I just emailed the nice folks that I'm ordering the replacement strap for my shoulder bag from and asked them to order me another luggage tag, too. So, yesterday I got a notice from the Mail Lady from Hell telling me that there was a postage due letter for me at the Post Office, so I went there today, put down my hard earned 23 cents, and got an envelope from the Delta Connection luggage tag! It is pristine as the day I pulled it out of its hermetically sealed plastic cover when I bought it, so it couldn't have gotten caught in a piece of machinery and ripped off (as I'd theorized). It has a buckle on it, not some flimsy snap, so it couldn't have come loose, either. No, as C said as soon as I told him about it, "someone took that luggage tag off of your bag purposefully." Now I'm really confused. If someone wanted to steal a (very cool) TravelPro leather luggage tag, why would they then go to the trouble of sending it back (albeit postage due)? If anyone has a good theory (or interesting story) about what happened to my luggage tag, please let me know.

Enough to the gym with me!


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