And now for something completely different

Sunday night/Monday morning. Today's post was going to be filled with the usual whiny drivel. "Why can't I eat what I'm supposed to?" and "Why is this marathon training so hard for me?". Instead, events conspired to give me an abject lesson on what is really important and what is just, forgive my language, useless crap. So, as I sit here with my little silver Saturn packed to the roof with the "important" things in my life, ready to run if the fire that rages out of control a mere three miles from here turns toward me, I think I'll just tell you what made the cut and what will be left behind.

In: my Brooks running shoes that I do all of my marathon training in
Out: every single pair of pumps/high heels I own -- life's too short to have uncomfortable feet

In: the pencil sketch of Bristol, England (my mother's home town) that she shlepped back for me in 1993
Out: the very expensive, very cute vintage advertising posters that I had matted and framed a few years ago -- cute and stylish and replaceable

In: a baby picture of my cat, Dave
Out: the other nic naks (sp?) from the end table in the living room -- the rest of it is just junk, but he'll never be a baby again

In: all of my dirty laundry (really!)
Out: all of my suits, extra hand bags, hats, and every silk blouse I own -- I never wear them...not ever

Basically, it came down to this: if I lost it, would I be OK? If the answer was yes, it didn't make the cut. If the answer was, "I'm not sure", it didn't make the cut. Only things that broke my heart even to contemplate leaving behind are either packed in the car or waiting next to the door to be grabbed in a hurry when or if the time comes for flight. Of course, the two cat carriers are upstairs, doors open, towels carefully arranged inside for the most precious cargo I will transport, but I'll wait until the very last minute to do that duty because they are happy for the first time all day (it's not orange and dusty outside at the moment) and this could be the last time that's true for a while.

If you believe in God, or any sort of higher being, please say a prayer for all of the people of San Diego county and southern California, that we may come through this tragedy even stronger than before and with our heads held high. As for me, I've got everything that really matters lying here next to me, purring contentedly. Well, everything except the handsome man who is (finally) sleeping in Virginia. Two cats, a packed car, and a wonderful, slumbering man that loves me...what more could a girl ask for?


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