Full and happy

Monday afternoon. My team here at work took me out to Rubio's, Home of the Fish Taco for a belated birthday lunch today and now I'm pleasantly full. Combine that with a cerulean blue, cloudless sky, and you've got a recipe for playing hookie. That being said, however, I'm right here in my office at VLSCI working away while many others have today off. Still, how bad can life be when you've got a tummy full of Healthy Chicken Burrito?

Saturday's 10 mile walk was tough but I finished it. It was definitely not one of my better showings and it definitely scared me into not skipping any more of my training sessions during the week. Bleah! Special thanks goes out to Regina, who grabbed my hand and pulled my recalcitrant behind up the wicked hill between miles two and three. I think I've finally found a really great group of ladies to walk with and a pace I can keep, so I'm back on the positive path to marathon completion!

I don't think I've mentioned for a little while how much I love C. He is a wonderful man, especially because he sounds like a grumbly, rumbly bear when he wakes up and because he gets so concerned when I have one of my PMS induced crying jags. He is this big, strong, strapping man and then he's like a marshmallow that's been toasted on the inside -- soft and sweet. It's funny, but I have the most overwhelming urge sometimes to protect and nurture him from all of the mean, terrible things in the world. Me. Protecting him. It's just that he's been hurt and disillusioned by the darker side of life and I've lived most of my life in the light, happy parts, so I'd like to help him see a little more of that. Only time will tell if I rub off on him at all with my Pollyanna ways, but I'm putting my money on good over bad!

Weeks until LA Marathon: 21
Weeks until Christmas: 11
Exercise yesterday: 15 minute leisurely stroll with Mom


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