I can see clearly now the ash has gone...

Thursday morning. While there are still fires burning, the air, thankfully, has cleared up to the point that I was able to open my windows and sliding door last night. You can't know the relief that brought unless you've been cooped up inside your house without any fresh air for four days. Stale? Oh, yes! I still feel horrible for the people whose homes are in danger but I am very relieved to be able to breathe again.

So, where am I with the marathon? Losing weight and getting healthy? Well, the short answer is that I'm not sure. The past few days have been less than promising on all fronts. Eating whatever I want, whatever soothes my anxiety, and no walking. That last, however, I do have medical recommendations to justify, as they are telling us to hold off prolonged time out of doors or any sort of exertion for another week or so because of the air quality. Yes, I know that I just got through telling you that I've got my windows open, but I'm not out there huffing and puffing lots of the nasty stuff into my lungs. The gym at the office still smells putrid and I know, no matter what the VLSCI upper management say, that it's not good that we're in the office at all, much less anyone pounding away in the gym. My training schedule has me doing a 13 mile walk on Saturday, which I still believe I can do although I'm not sure where I should do it. I can't get to LA because, with my credit cards cancelled, I can't rent a car, so it would have to be somewhere local. Perhaps down Harbor Drive by the Bay? There is always a great onshore breeze down there, which would be a constant supply of non gritty air. If anyone reading this happens to know of a good 13 mile route by the water in San Diego, I'd love a recommendation. Perhaps I should just start the Subway diet for a little while? You know, eat a sensible breakfast and then have Subway sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Yes, I'd probably get really sick of them after a little while, but they're very filling and that's one of the key components of success for me. Something to think about.

Weeks to LA Marathon: 19
Weeks to Christmas: 7
Exercise since last Thursday: None. Eek!


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