Monday night. I am so completely tired right now. What a charming way to start the week off: my car died Saturday on the way back from the car rental place, so I had to take it in to the shop this morning. Four hundred dollars later, it's running again. It's almost like magic, if it weren't for the whole, nasty money thing. I swear, I so wish I lived in a place that knew the meaning of public transportation. I want to park my poor little car in the garage and take the bus or the Tube or the El or the Metro to work and to the store and to the baseball game. For anyone reading this in one of those cities, I hope you appreciate what you have!

I'm also still mildly sore from Saturday's little walk. I did an hour and 15 minutes last night, too, including the nasty hill o'death that leads to the bay from here. The outside part of my left hip hurts so much. It's a muscular hurt and I'm fairly certain it's an overuse thing, as is the pain in my heels. I've taken a serious pledge not to miss another short session during the week and, if I ever waver in my determination, I can just come back and read about how sore I am right now. One of the guys in my training group on Saturday told me something he learned the last time he was doing this training, a few years ago: from this point on, every Saturday will be like a marathon for me. Basically, my body is going to be pushed to its limits every week, and, once we've passed 13.1 miles (which we'll be doing on November 15), I'll be walking further each week than I've ever walked before. It's exhilarating and terrifying all at once. Man, I really hope the exhilarating part wins!

Weeks until LA Marathon: 20 (yikes!)
Weeks until Christmas: 10
Exercise yesterday: 75 minutes/4 miles walking (partial hills)
Exercise today: None, it's a rest day on the schedule


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