One word...OUCH!

Saturday evening. Nearly every part of my body hurts. I just finished soaking in very hot water for 15 minutes and I still hurt. My knees, my hips, my feet, pretty much everything from the waist down is stiff, sore, and doesn't want to move. Yes, the 11 mile training session today went just incredibly well! I think the best that can be said, and I'm pretty pleased with it, frankly, is that I finished and I'm still alive.

OK, my mom just called and told me that I have to go to a really bad neighborhood so that I can buy Lotto tickets, so I need to get out there before it gets dark. (Note for those outside California: Many, many of the winners of our state's lottery seem to buy their tickets in truly frightening parts of town. Not sure why that is, but Mom's convinced that you have to go somewhere scary if you're going to get a winning ticket. She's crazy, yes, but if someone from San Diego wins tonight and I go to my happy, friendly 7-11 to buy tickets, I won't be able to lie to her.)

Weeks until LA Marathon: 21
Weeks until Christmas: 10
Exercise yesterday: 60 minutes/3.3 miles hill training
Exercise today: 3 hours, 13 minutes/11 miles walking


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