When it rains, it pours

Friday afternoon. I started this post much earlier today but it's just been crazed here at work and I'm just now getting back to it.

The title of the post has a double meaning: it rained yesterday, which provided much needed moisture for fire fighting as well as a nice air filter for all of the junk still floating about, and, after cruising along receiving small numbers of jobs (I'm being generic here because I don't want to reveal where I work) each week, my team has received volume. These things are everywhere. Every time I turn around, there's more coming in. Although this is a little daunting at first blush, it's exciting, too, because there are a finite number of these jobs that we're responsible for and, if we get enough of them now, we might not be burning the midnight oil around the holidays. For most of you, that probably doesn't sound like much. Here in my division of VLSCI, the November, December, and January holidays just aren't very festive because we're busy putting together and releasing a whole lot of products. I haven't had more than Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day off (unless they fall on a weekend) since I moved to this division, and the prospect of having the day after Christmas off fills my heart with hope and gladness. I actually jinxed myself by purchasing airline tickets for the red eye to TriCities, TN on Christmas Eve way back in August, just hoping it would work and knowing that I'd probably have to pay the $100 change fee to move it to December 26th instead. Gosh, I really, really, really hope this works out! Heck, I'll pitch in, too. Ordinarily, union rules forbid me, as a Project Manager, from doing any actual work, but I'm willing to risk being ostracized and drummed out of the corps on the chance that I can spend Christmas Day (from 10:30am on) with the man that I love. Watch, I'll get stuck at Hartsfield in Atlanta Christmas Day because of weather or something!

Still haven't come to any profound conclusions about the eating and walking thing. It looks safe outside, but they're still telling us that the air is bad, so I'm holding on and waiting for a few days. The food? Well, I just don't know what to say about that, so I'll just say nothing. Life goes on and I'll take care of this stuff in a little while, once I've gotten past the whole fire/car break in thing. Perhaps my priorities are skewed, but the food is soothing me and I just don't want to fight that right now.

Weeks to LA Marathon: 19
Weeks to Christmas: 7
Exercise since last Thursday: None. Sigh.


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