Would the real "C" please stand up?

Friday afternoon (barely). I made an important decision this morning while driving to work. (Note that sometimes I have to discount and discard decisions made on the way to work because my brain was not involved in the decision; this particular decision has been re examined and is a valid one, so I'm moving forward with implementation.) It is unlikely that anyone from my so called "real" life is going to find this site and, even if they do, I have my picture on the site so it's not as though I'll remain anonymous for long. Given that, I've decided that any adults that I write about from now on will be identified by their proper first names. One exception will be if there's someone I'm really mad at and don't want to risk alienating. Those folks will be given witty nick names instead. All children will get nick names (like The Scamp) because you cannot be too careful. With that...

Chris (the man formerly known as "C") just called. He put an application in at a different plant before work and now he's starting his shift. I really hope he gets another job because the place that he's at is making him so very unhappy. It is tough being so far away under the best circumstances and when he's depressed or angry, it just makes it worse. Ultimately, he needs to go back to college, get a degree or certificate, and move into something computer related (according to me) or law enforcement related (according to him).

You know how sometimes, once you've made a decision or come to some kind of epiphany, everything just sort of meshes? The cacophony of conflicting emotions, thoughts, and feelings stops and you can suddenly hear birds chirping? That's how I feel now, having gotten my anger and frustration over my health out in the open. I don't know how long it will last, so I'm enjoying it for all I'm worth!


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