"do one thing every day that scares you"

Wednesday afternoon. Just hours after my last whining, self pitying rant, I received a card from my hair dresser with the above quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on the cover and the following note inside:

"Hey little woman!

Just wanted to drop a note. Keep up the hard work, you have come so far and I know this experience is going to be great!

You have made a big impact on my life with support, encouragement and by seeing what you have and and are doing.

I want to do the next marathon with you, it's one of my goals.

My love and thoughts,

p.s. I love this card because I feel like you are a true testiment to it."

OK. I am humbled. Humbled, saddened, and shamed because she has such faith in me and is so inspired by me and I can't even pull my unmotivated self out of this funk long enough to get this show on the road.

Consider my butt kicked.


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