Hypocrisy, thy name is Denise

Friday morning. OK, I was so going to rant in today's post about people that don't post to their blogs regularly. Then I didn't post yesterday. Hmmm. Well, you know what? I'm still going to rant, I'll just be self ranting, too.

When I click on my link to one of my favorite reads and it's the same wonderful post that's been sitting there for a week, it's such a let down. I know it's just because you're all terribly busy with your fascinating lives, heck, that's why I read you every day. I'm not asking for a chapter from your new book (although you could get off pretty easily if you did that), just a pithy, clever sentence about life or love or work or your car. (Sorry, I'm sort of car obsessed at this point because mine's still in the shop!) With that, I will leave you alone forever. Feel free to grumble under your breath about annoying readers, "who does she think she is?"

I started the South Beach diet yesterday and I'm feeling pretty darned good about it, too. It's got some of the same ideas as Atkins, but without the frightening inability to eat fruit ever again. There is simply no way I'm giving up apples or peaches or blueberries forever. Not going to happen, and that's always kept me from trying Atkins. With South Beach, you can have most fruits after the first two weeks, unlimited veggies, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats (yes, I can actually eat salad dressing without guilt), and even a glass of red wine once a day. I'm not doing it as a quick fix, because I know it's not going to be; I'm doing it because I think it's a more feasible way of eating, and one that I can live with long term. Only time will tell, of course. I'll keep you posted.


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