A new beginning?

Sunday night. For the first time since the fires, just over a month ago, I went for a walk today. Not a terribly long walk, and not a very fast one, either, but a walk just the same. It was five miles, an hour and a half, and some of the most beautiful scenery in San Diego (or anywhere, for that matter). Sixty-seven degrees with just a hint of a breeze, stunningly blue skies, and my RCA Lyre tuned in to my favorite radio station, I zoned out and just moved my body. The funny thing is, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, or that I wouldn't enjoy it, and, to be honest, I did have several moments when I wanted to turn around, but I finished and I'm proud of myself. Of course, to give credit where credit is due, I wouldn't have been out there at all if it hadn't been for Tracy. Last night, while chatting on Yahoo Messenger, she said something like, "so, where are you going to walk tomorrow?" to which I responded, in my most clever fashion, "well, I was thinking about walking to the mailbox and back." Tracy said, "yes, you could do that 327 times," and I, grudgingly, said, "how about I walk from one end of Mission Bay Park to the other and back?" The deal was sealed with hands raised, but no spitting on our palms (that's just so nasty and unhygenic!). Tracy's buying new shoes, I was to walk the park, which I did, so it was a good deal all around. Thanks, Tracy...I "just did it".

Interestingly, I also managed to stay under my calories today, too. I didn't eat my Nutrisystem foods, but I did eat the right amount of calories, so I'm pleased with that.

I think I'm going to take some advice that I heard recently (not that I can remember for the life of me where, exactly, I heard it, so if it was from you, please know that I really appreciate it!) and start putting together all three meals and two snacks the night before, so that I don't have any work to do other than microwave and eat. I just hate rushing around in the morning trying to put together everything I'm meant to eat, so doing it the night before will make my mornings simpler and, hopefully, increase my chances of success. We shall see.

Alright, enough for tonight. In anticipation of a successful plea tomorrow to the Diabetes Team in Training coordinator to let me switch marathons, I'll be counting down to the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon from now on, in place of LA. Now I can start planning to run LA next year, which was my original dream anyway. Funny how things sometimes work for the better, isn't it?

Weeks until Rock n Roll Marathon: 27
Days until Christmas: 24
Pounds I want to lose before Christmas: 10 (ambitious, aren't I?)
Workout today: 90 minutes/5 miles walking


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