Now I've seen everything

I know that this article shouldn't make me think "it's about time", but, um, I sort of do. OK, so threatening them with Ant*r&x isn't the wisest thing that man ever did, but I can definitely relate to the sentiment, you know? My favorite quote is "such firms gave a bad name to the penis enhancement business". Hmmm, I'll bet I get some interesting hits from Google now.

It seems as though this week is just dragging along. Perhaps it's the knowledge that it's a "short week" that makes the hours pass so slowly? (Yes, I know that an hour is an hour and that there is no way to speed up or slow down time. Did I mention I'm fed up and a little cranky? Leave me to my grumping, please!) I want to go home right now and I need to stay through 4:30, so now I'm going to look for fun things to do in my office while looking productive. (Reviewing reports and analyzing work flow just aren't doing it for me this afternoon.)

I'm finding myself harboring unhealthy lust for this. Perhaps it's because I'm in the midst of growing my hair out after having to hack it all off after the unfortunate "platinum blonde" incident, but I want to have pretty hair for our holiday party on December 20th. I know that Nicole, my stylist, will do something fabulous with what I have, and it's a lot longer than it was back in April when I had to have it hacked the first time, but that doesn't assuage my need to look girly again. Don't worry, I've already written "I will not bleach my hair to the color and consistency of straw" hundreds of times on the blackboard, I've learned my lesson. I already have this top, this skirt, and these earrings on order from Bloomie's for the occasion, and I suppose I'll use shoes and a handbag from the collection I already have, although I'm not pleased with that thought at all. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see me at Nordie's prowling the evening shoes, looking for something fabulous. I think I can wing the evening bag if I just have the right shoes.

Ooooh, I just got an interesting email, so I'm off to investigate. Be good, and good to one another!


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