What next, pestilence?

I feel the need to warn you, my dear readers, that I am in a positively wretched mood right now, so read on at your own risk.

First these poor people lose everything to a firestorm, now, the weather service issues a Flash-Flood Warning for these same areas. You just have to ask yourself, what did they do to deserve this? I'm not affected, although it's definitely rained all day at my house, but I know folks that are. Folks whose backyard fences are still scorched or just gone altogether are now filling sand bags and hoping that their homes won't either slide down a hill or be inundated with mud from the hillside just above where a house used to be. This makes me very grateful and very sorry for those that are affected.

I should say here, in the interest of full disclosure, that some of what follows might be hormonal. I think some of it, too, might be the fact that I want to be at home today, curled up with a really excellent book, a pot of coffee going in the kitchen, and the kitties napping behind me on the couch and on the comfy chair.

I do not want to be here. I want my own car back. I want a hug from my boyfriend. I want regular maid service. I want enough money to be able to help my brother and his wife give their boys a wonderful Christmas. I want the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the innocent bystanders there, not to have to sleep with one eye open, in fear for their lives. I want to stop listening to the United States Senate, full of, for the most part, middle aged, rich, white men, tell all of us about what we "need". You people are rich, you probably haven't driven yourself anywhere since you were first elected to alderman or councilman of whatever lucky municipality was clever enough to put their faith in you. None of you, not Republican, Democrat, Green, Socialist...none, know what it's like to be an "ordinary American" anymore. And I'm really tired of hearing that because I make a certain amount of money (I'm not saying how much), I'm rich. You know what? Come and live in San Diego, or virtually any part of southern California, or Silicon Valley, or the Bay Area, and you'll see how you can make $30,000 a year and be below the poverty line. Yes, I know that's a fortune in rural Virginia, as a matter of fact, I know that first hand, because that's where Chris is from, and I know that $30,000 a year is a fortune for someone who lives where he does. It's definitely not a fortune here. Not by a long shot. And to have some limousine liberal tell me that I don't deserve tax relief or should be paying more than the 33% Federal and 9% state taxes (soon to be 12%, thanks Governor Gray) I already do, is insulting. Nearly as insulting as those righteously smug right wingers in the administration trying to tell us that everything's under control and going according to plan in Iraq. I've never been in the military and I don't pretend to be an expert, but it's fairly obvious to me that you had NO freaking idea of what you were going to do with that country once you "won" the war and, oh by the way, isn't it interesting how easy it was to "win"? It couldn't be that they let us win so that we'd be in country, get complacent, and be easier to pick off, could it? You're running a war with a military that's half reserve because you won't admit that we need a larger full time military if we're going to go around liberating the oppressed people of the world. Bah! Neither of you know what's best and frankly, you don't have the first idea of what most Americans need or how to get it to them. If you were a corporation, you'd have been bankrupt a very, very long time ago. Bankrupt and obsolete. I'm so sick of the lot of you that I wish they had a Federal recall law. We may not have gotten the best governor out of last month's election, but we sure sent a message to any future governors that think they know what's "best" for our state, and I think that fear is something that's desperately needed in Washington, too. Recall the President, recall the entire House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, too, while we're at it.

I'm going home now.


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