And the award for "Most Indecisive" goes to...

Wednesday morning. OK, I've made a decision about my holiday plans: I'm going to Virginia. Thank you very much to my mother, for finally making the decision crystal clear for me; I honestly don't know if I'd ever have made the decision on my own, or, if I did, it probably would have involved flipping a coin. So, I'm going. I'm not packed, but I did all of the laundry last night, and that's the worst part of it.

Today is a truncated work day for my department and it's already started off with a bang. One of my favorite team members is pissed as all get out with me because I questioned some dates on a report. I guess she spent about an hour going over old approval reports to make sure that I was totally wrong and now she's lit. Well, it's Christmas Eve and I'm not going to let it get me down! It's my job to be a pain in the butt and if I hadn't checked and the dates had been incorrect, she wouldn't have been the one explaining to product management why components in several products had to be pulled back for revision. Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a project manager? Fortunately, today is not an alcohol free zone at VLSCI, as a matter of fact, there's all kind of champagne, wine, and beer in the department fridge as we speak. As long as the gift certificate that I ordered on the Web for my Secret Santa giftee arrives before the gift exchange starts, today will be just fine.

I don't know if I'll post from Virginia or not, so, just in case, I hope that every single person reading this has a wonderful holiday, whichever holidays you celebrate, and that the hopes and dreams you hold tightly in your heart will come to fruition in the new year ahead. Think of me about 10:30pm Pacific tonight, as I shoehorn myself into my (probably middle) seat, take my Tylenol PM, lower my eye shade, and drift off to sleep with visions of the man I love dancing in my head.


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