Did anyone get the plate number of the truck that ran me over???

Friday morning. Man, I feel like poop. It started last night, just before bed, with a scratchy throat and a little bit of congestion up in my head, then I started to cough when I lay down. I propped up my shoulders with an extra pillow before I went to sleep, but I still woke up this morning feeling slightly worse and with a deep sense of dread. From the body achiness and complete sense of exhaustion, I'm guessing this is the flu, but I'm still hoping for a plain vanilla, run of the mill cold. I'm here at work until after the tree decorating festivities (about 2pm) but then it's going to depend on how I'm feeling.

On a positive note (yes, I still do have good things happening!), one of our toughest outside vendors just signed off on everything we needed from them, about a month earlier than last year. If you exclude one suite of products, my releases are looking really good. Of course, that one suite is my most important, of course, so it counts as, like, eight other products, but still.

I want to go home. NOW.


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