Friday can't come soon enough

Friday afternoon. Today is so much better than yesterday, and yet I think I might have a little hangover from the stress because I still feel dejected and am questioning my validity as a manager. I did have my one on one objective review with one of the contestants in yesterday's free for all, which was charming. She hasn't been performing to the best of her abilities at all, so it was an interesting discussion. I believe that it went pretty well, though, all things considered, and I think she left feeling more energized and motivated. Man, I hope so, because I really hate the thought of writing and giving a negative review, and that's what she's headed for if she doesn't make some changes.

I actually left the building for lunch today (bless you, Tony, for going with me), which made me almost feel like a normal human being. We went to a Mexican place in one of the malls nearby and sat on the patio, which gave us a bird's eye view of the comings and goings in the parking lot. I am pretty appalled at how callous, nasty, and downright unsafe most of the drivers coming into and out of the shopping center were. We saw SUV drivers, on their cellphones (no headset, of course), nearly run over entire families crossing the street, crazy college students taking speedbumps at Warp speed, and brave souls trying to make an unprotected left at a completely uncontrolled intersection. Fortunately, no one died or was seriously hurt while we were there -- I'd hate to have to testify as a witness in the trial, you know?

I seriously hope that this is a joke. I dread to think how demeaning it would be to the "contestants" if it really existed.

I think I need a gingerbread latte from the coffee stand at the front of the building. I'm suffering from post large lunch syndrome and I need a little pick me up. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves while I'm gone.


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