Friday morning. Just checking email before getting ready for work (also known, affectionately, as dawdling) and I found this. It's a good thing it's funny, though, because it definitely isn't accurate. We have an entire department full of Macs (iMacs, G4s, and G5s) and they never crash. Our Piece of Crap machines crash constantly, get infected with less than charming viruses, and die on a fairly regular basis, but the Macs just keep on rolling. During the last virus outbreak (Blaster, I think), the only people at our facility that could conduct any business for several days while IT straightened out the snarled network, were the Mac users. I know it's considered clever and high tech by most of the industry to bag on Macintosh, but I still say that if more companies would have the cojones to develop software for the Mac and not artificially inflate the price in comparison to the same software for a PC, you'd see Macs take off again.

Let the comments rip, PC devotees!


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