Hi, my name is Denise and I watch reality TV

Wednesday afternoon. I decided to watch"The Simple Life" last night on Fox, albeit with some misgivings. I mean, honestly, you know how bad reality TV is, and you can see how this show is going to play out from a million miles away. That being said, I loved it! As I said to Chris on the phone last night, it reminds me (in a very extreme, exaggerated way) of what it would look like if I were ever to move to Pennington (which is where he lives). These two girls are so out of touch with reality and the family is so countrified that it's just going to be one eye opening moment after another. The only thing that really offended me last night was when Nicole Richie said something like, "let's have a threesome" to Paris Hilton, referring to the teenaged son of the family they're living with. Ewwwwwwww...that's like, almost, incestuous! Other than that, though, I just laughed and laughed. There's another episode on tonight so, if you didn't tune in for the premiere, give it a shot.

Left a message for the Team Diabetes coordinator today in hopes of being able to move my donations to the Suzuki Rock n Roll marathon instead of LA. I haven't heard anything back, so it's just a wait and see thing. If I can't, I'll just do a half marathon at LA and put the donations toward that.

I was reading through an article on weight loss this morning (what else do I ever read about anymore???) which talked about the role being a perfectionist plays in keeping you fat. I know that I am a total perfectionist, which might come as a surprise to my close friends, but it's true. Yes, I am a slacker who never gets anything finished and whose house looks as though it ought to be condemned, and that's how the quest for perfection manifests itself in my life. I don't even bother doing things that I know I won't do well, weight loss included. I get really angry when I try something and it doesn't work; looking stupid in the process just magnifies my anger. Anyway, I've got to fight the mindset that tries to push me toward perfection instead of just being happy that I'm giving it my all.

You know, I'm really sorry that this site has been such a downer lately. I know it's not fascinating to read entry after entry of my introspection, and I appreciate that I still have a few readers left since unleashing the full fury of my angst -- you guys are the best! To anyone reading this who is thinking to themselves, "just shut the f*** up and do it", I can only say that I'm doing my best, which is the only thing I'm capable of.


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