Thursday morning. I'm waiting for the plumber person to show up (some time between nine and noon - bleah!), so, of course, I'm dinking around on my computer, wasting time that I should be using to shower and make myself presentable. Anyway...I found this picture of myself from last Christmas. I think I remember how to post pictures on this thing...we shall see!

So, you can definitely tell that I had a few glasses of wine (note rosiness of cheeks) and that someone else did my makeup (blue eyeshadow), but I thought I was pretty stylin' that evening, although I was terribly self conscious. Why self conscious? Because the dress was floor length, had a little puddle of satin on the floor behind me, and drew a lot of attention from others. Attention from others always makes me self conscious. Anyway, I'll have to have someone take another one at this year's party so that we can compare. (Won't that be fun?)


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