What becomes an internet super goddess most?

Thursday night (late). I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, about what I need, what I want...basically, I've been really into myself. This is, however, the season of giving, so in the spirit of the season, here's what I wish I could get for my e-buddies:

For Georgia, one less headache,
for SF, a man who is both worthy of her and emotionally available,
for Allison, a shorter commute and a nifty salad joint near work,
for Dan, a strong bullpen and a manager that knows how to use it (sorry, I couldn't resist!),
for Lori, if she ever rematerializes, Happily Ever After,
for Carrie, a decent job and a day at the spa (not necessarily in that order),
for SLP, a job that pays her what she's worth, a man both entertaining and gorgeous, and a '96 Jetta to drive between the two,
for Peg, a subscription to Self magazine, because it is, hands down, the best, overall fitness magazine I've ever read,
for Jennifer, five more hours in the day,
and, last but most definitely not least, for Danelle, well, I can't really think of anything that she needs, other than to pass her National exams so that she can go out and save lots of people.

Wow, this virtual shopping is much easier than the real stuff. Remember, everyone, if it doesn't fit, you can always take it back. You won't hurt my feelings. No, really, you won't.

Me? You mean you want to know what I want? Well, other than "The Very Best of Marvin Gaye", and the first season of "The West Wing" on DVD, my wants are pretty simple.

I want to stop soothing myself with my addictions -- shopping and eating,
I want to stop hiding my light under a burlap sack (don't worry if you don't get it...it doesn't matter),
I want to reconnect with old friends that I've lost through neglect and because I took them for granted,
I want to finish the Rock N Roll Marathon on June 6, 2004,
and, I want to be happy -- with my life, my friends, my choices, and myself.

Pretty basic, really. Nothing special.


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