What to do when your Blogger entries make like Houdini and disappear

Wednesday morning. Hrmmm. I know that I posted an entry yesterday and yet, strangely, it is nowhere to be found. Blogger gremlins, I suppose.

So, I got another chance today to perform one of my favorite responsibilities as a project manager. I let four of my seasonal employees know that today would be their last day, although we'll pay them for tomorrow and Friday. I also told them that if they were to leave early today (like, um, anytime) and still enter eight hours for the day, that would be just fine, too. I hate that I can't give them more notice, so it seems like the very least I can do to let them have the rest of the day to themselves. It always amazes me, every year, how quickly we go from sheer insanity to nothing left to do. At this point, my team is 90% complete and that's just amazing. I have such great people on my team, for the most part, that it makes my job so much easier.

Alrighty, because this is the New Year's Eve Edition of "Do You Have That in My Size???", here are my resolutions for 2004:

1. Treat myself with kindness. Stop beating myself up over the smallest transgressions and start appreciating the good things that I do.

2. Treat my body with kindness. I'm killing myself (literally) with inactivity and overeating. I'm going to take little, bitty steps and hope that they will lead to a major life change.

a. Start walking at least half an hour, five days a week
b. Start stretching with my new Tamilee Webb DVD at least twice a week
c. Eat three fruits and two veggies every day

3. Find ways to stress less and relax more. I have lots of meditation CDs that I can use to relax with, and the stretching time should help, too. I just can't be this on edge constantly, because it makes me feel like an anxious little mouse, and that's not fun!

What it boils down to is that I need to spend more time focusing on, and taking care of, myself, and less worrying about things that I cannot control. Chris and I talked pretty extensively while I was there and he told me that the ring (did I mention how beautiful it is???) is there to show me that I don't need to worry about us and that I can put "us" on the back burner to take care of myself for as long as it takes. Chris, if you're reading this, you have no idea how wonderful your saying that is, how unselfish and how much I appreciate that confidence.

With that, I hereby declare 2004 "The Year of Me". Don't worry, I'll still be here for everyone else, too, including all of my wonderful online buddies, it's just that I need to put me first for a while. What a strange feeling it will be!

Take care everyone, especially those who are going out tonight. It will probably be an early to bed night at Chez Denise, so, if you're going to be partying, lift a glass for me, too. See you all next year!!!


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