And, if you thought the topic of my last post was scary...

The article that Dan talks about here just infuriates me. Why is it so important to some people to put value judgments on others? Why does being married have to be "better" than being single? The article even says that "normal people get married" before they're 30. What a load of cr@*! Is it better to rush headlong into marriage just to avoid being single? Heck, no! I've been through divorce, albeit a very amiable one, and it took me years to recover emotionally from what I perceived as a huge failure on my part.

Is marriage a wonderful institution? Absolutely! I heartily recommend it to every couple that is truly and deeply committed to one another and a future together, and in love. You'll notice that I put the "in love" part last, which was intentional. Too many people have this lovely, gauzy view of marriage and think that once they're in love, that's all they need. Nothing could be further from the truth. You need to be able to look years and years and years into the future and know, with absolute certainty, that this is the person you want to be with for life (even when they're sick, cranky, being irrational, and just generally being human). I know that divorce is rampant, both in this country and others, but that doesn't mean that you should rush into marriage, looking at divorce as an escape hatch "if things don't work out". Take it from one who's been there, much better to wait a few years, continue dating, and make sure that this really is the person that you can't imagine not spending the rest of your life with.


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